Friday, January 6, 2012

Stephen Reed
The Rotund Huntsman
2011 was a difficult year to say the least. I lost my brother/best friend/hunting partner to cancer, I found out I am a diabetic, then in only six short months, had to get bifocals and add insulin to try and help control my diabetes, but to be fair 2011 had some high points as well. I had one of the best years hunting wise, I got to take my nephew to kill his first deer, I took my best bow kill to date, I was able to get a hunting lease on 80 acres where all of this happened. My son Tyler took his second deer(he's 8), and I paid off my truck.
My best bow kill from Oct 30, 2011
I have several great stories on the Wild Jaeger website, you can get there by clicking the logo in the upper left corner of the blog, about my hunting trips from this year so I won't try and re-tell them all here. Please go check them out. When you click the logo and get to the home page, hoover the pointer over the WJ Acrticles tab, scroll down to pro-staff and click, when all the articles come up look for my name and while your there check out all of the other great articles on there.

My latest pistol project
I have almost finished my latest pistol project. Its a Thompson Center Contender, with a thumbhole grip and forearm handcrafted from English walnut with Redwood caps. It has a SSM bull barrel chambered in .250 Savage. I topped it off with a 2-7 x 32 long relief scope. I mention this only because I started it in 2011 but had to put it aside when I found out about my brothers cancer. When I bought the barrel it came with 200 once fired brass, so with a little reloading I will be ready for the 2012 season. I plan on using this weapon instead of my .270 this year, so be sure to follow me. I'm sure its going to be a great time with some great stories and photos, maybe even a video or two.

I'm looking forward to writing this blog over the next year, as I have never written a blog before, I have great plans for my lease; I will be planting food plots and telling how, what, why, and when on the planting of seeds, what type of seeds, and why. I will be camping, fishing, setting up trail cams(and sharing the pictures), and all the while I'll be posting pictures and writing posts. I will review gear that I have used and tell you why or why not it works for us larger men.

I realize this sounds rather mundane to most people but as a large man these things are tough to accomplish, and to add to it all I do it all alone. I must as a rotund huntsman rely on a number of things to help me accomplish these things, and if I can show one person of size that they too can get up off the couch and get back into the outdoors then it is well worth my time.

I am by far not a rich man, I don't have sponsors(yet) to give me product so all of this will be done on a very very tight budget. I will try to chronicle this journey, my successes and failures, and make it fun to follow along the way. I hope you will follow me and tell your friends. If I can inspire you to follow suit and get out into the great outdoors and pursue your passion, and remind you that just because you're large and my have a disability doesn't mean you can't enjoy the outdoors like you did as the smaller version you once were, then I will consider this endeavor a success. Thanks for reading my blog and please comment with any questions or suggestions you might have. Talk to you all soon!

Stephen Reed
The Rotund Huntsman

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am avid outdoorsman, hunter and gun maker. I am 41 year old single parent with two sons and a passion for anything outdoors. I was raised in the hardwoods of Southern Illinois, and now resides with my son in Missouri, where we hunt and fish as much as possible. I went to college at Rend Lake College, Ina Illinois. I relish the chance to spend time in the woods no matter the season, or the weather, whether its spring turkey, fall deer hunting, or winter duck and goose hunting I am always ready. My passions have taken me across the US chasing anything with fur, feathers, or antlers. Oh and did I mention, I'm a large man, 350+ pounds??  I have hunted in several states including Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, and Colorado. I have harvested Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Turkey, Quail, Doves, Pheasants, Waterfowl, and Wild Boar. Planned future hunts include: Boar in Texas, Elk in Colorado, and Black Bear somewhere.

I love teaching children and new hunters the joys the outdoors have to offer and the challenges and rewards that hunting can bring. Whether it’s with a bow or a gun, I love the challenge of the hunt and the many memories from the field I have shared with friends and family, and the traditions passed from generation to generation.
Follow my adventures though the woods and life. I may be large, fat, chunky, etc, etc, etc, but I still get out and enjoy the outdoors. Some question my sanity when I tell them I use a climbing stand and climb 20 feet in a tree, but rest assured i'm quite sane and I enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.
Hopefully through this journey, not only will I show the hunting world that just because we are larger than the norm we still love the great sport of hunting, but show you some tricks of the trade from the perspective of the Rotund Huntsman.