Gear I Use

Here is a quick run down of some of the gear I use in my outdoor pursuits. I have tried all kinds of equipment some held up, some didn't but here is what I currently use.

Climbing stand: Summit Goliath SS. The Goliath SS has been a great stand for me. Its easy to use and very comfortable to sit in for hours even for a large man. I have only had to replace one wingnut in 4 years of use. Its rated for 350 lbs., yet only weighs 27. Here is a tip if you use the vest type safety harness its a tight fit when sitting. I had to switch to a lineman style harness to solve this problem. By the time you add several layers of clothes and the vest it's a really tight fit, so the least bulky harness you can find the better off you are.

Ladder Stand:  Big Game Tree Stands "Sky Rise". The Sky Rise is a 20' buddy ladder stand that is rated for 500lbs. I like the double rail on the ladder and the large platform,the seat however is a little narrow for a larger person but isn't that bad considering. It comes with two thin cushions that clip to the expanded metal of the seat. They are ok for a child but for a large man or woman you will need to bring along a better cushion if you plan on spending several hours in the stand. With 3 5' ladder sections its easy to adjust the height of the stand to 15', or even 10' if your hunting partner is a child or maybe afraid of heights. I will admit that on a windy day when the tree starts swaying 20' is a bit unnerving. Here is a tip when you set it up at 20' you will need some help putting it up it took three of us to put it up and take it down and it was a struggle four people would have been perfect. When I set it up for my nephew and son we put it up at 10' and two people handled the job easily.

Ground Blind:  KillZone 360 Hub Style Ground Blind. This blind has been a great blind for ground hunting. Not only is it pretty easy set up, it's light weight makes it easy to pack in. Its spacious on the inside, I have had me, another 250 pound man running a video camera, and my eight year old son, all in expandable chairs and a small cooler for drinks and snacks in it, and we were still able to move and keep quiet. With the sewn in straps on the outside of the blind it's easy to "brush" it in after you get it set up.

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